System approach

Each bouquet and composition has the same formula.

No clutter.

It`s as easy as one, two, three. This is not a joke.


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 Are all course materials: texts, videos, discussions - in English? 

Yes, all materials are in English. In this course, all students speak English, Russian students study separately. All discussions and homeworkы are in English.


 Do you need to watch lessons at a specific time? 

All lessons are recorded on professional cameras. So you can watch them anytime 24/7. All lessons you can review any number of times.


 How long is the course? 

We give 5 months to complete the entire course. On average, our students take 2-3 months to complete.
In the remaining time you can: review the lessons, do the work for analysis, repeat some topics, ask any questions that arise.


 Who is this course for and what will it give you? 

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 What will you learn after completing the course? 

See what you learn to do.


 Where I can see the course program? 

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 What is the cost of the course? 

Forms of education and interaction with us and price


We have worked out special courses, following which you are guaranteed to learn how to create stylish bouquets and compositions.

The most important paragraph.

Over a 12-year period and thousands of works done, we have come to the conclusion that any bouquet is a sequence of actions. Strict order: what, how and in which order. One by one: what, how and in what order.


We’ve put the whole theory through the prism of our experience. Here we will talk about how we work, what has been tested in practice, brought to the ideal and is really relevant now. We do not give boring lectures, but give structured knowledge.


After each lesson, you receive and turn in your homework. Working in this sequence, you are guaranteed to master the material and learn how to create modern bouquets and compositions.


How do you know that you will really learn something? The answer is simple. You need to choose those who are chosen by the market, those who are leaders in their field and are constantly in demand.

How the bouquet is created?

On the one hand someone spend hours trying to assemble a bouquet, applying and rearranging the stems. Others compare the creation of a bouquet to creative chaos, in which you can hardly see the form and complete composition. We see the problem in not knowing and not understanding the rules and principles that lead to a harmonious result. 


We decomposed the process of creating bouquets and compositions into clear steps and developed algorithms: how to come up with a bouquet idea and meet the budget (how many and what flowers should be in it), how to choose the color pallet and choose the appropriate material, how to collect and in what order to put flowers and how to store it. The process will be fascinating, and most importantly – you will be sure that you will get exactly what you intended.

Who is this course for and

what will it give you.


I just love flowers

You like flowers and want to create beautiful bouquets for your home and just to please your loved ones.


I'm thinking of becoming a florist

You've come to the right place. Here you will learn everything you need for a fast and confident start.


Newcomer in floristry 

For you this is the shortest way to high – quality, artistic and most importantly- desired works. We will help you avoid many mistakes.


Experienced florist

Looking for inspiration before the season? Or in search of new techniques. Do you want to know what our secret is? – You should join us, too. Most probably you already followed our master classes on the business of a wedding decorator, and in each of them, the participants noteces our openness. We're not hiding anything. Here is the same thing – we will tell you everything as it is – how we do it.


How to delegate?

What is the difficulty of delegating? It is difficult for creative people to delegate. It seems that no one can do the job better than them. It is not clear how to explain to an employee what exactly you need to do to get the desired result. These are the problems that we cover with our course.Because the entire process is structured and divided into specific stages, it is not difficult to delegate individual tasks or the entire process of creation a bouquet or composition.


Owner of a flower business

The ideal scheme for training your workers. Using our method, you can systematize all the processes, teach your florists to work quickly and efficiently on creating modern bouquets and compositions.


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What will you learn after completing the course.

Stylish bouquets.

All these completely different bouquets are made using the same algorithm that you will learn in our course.

Interior and complimentary flower compositions.

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Why online?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem.


The basic answer – You can learn anywhere and at any time. 24/7, but it's obvious.


And the point is quite different. Think about it. It used to be that you studied a lot, bought a lot of really useful knowledge and experiences. You liked it very much. But time passes. No result.  Nothing changes dramatically. Familiar to you? We've had this happen many times.


After analyzing what the problem is, we realized that in offline courses, they will buy flowers for you, think about how to deliver them for you, solve organizational issues and a lot of such little things that, it would seem, do not require participation (still, it is clear!). But from such small things your experience should be formed. Someone else's experience is someone else's experience, and you need your own! These are the small steps that give you confidence and you can say: «Yes, I did it myself from beginning to end. Then you will not be afraid of any types of order. Online courses-forces you to go through a full cycle, feel and overcome all the nuances and difficulties on your own experience!


We do not run this course offline for these reasons.

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 Course Program

 Unit 1: PReparation phase 

 video Full HD 

Meeting with the speakers of the course and the structure of learning process.

✽ how we started our journey

✽ our philosophy

✽ how the course is structured

 video Full HD 

About the profession of a florist.

Options for development and growth in Floristics.

 why do people come to Floristics

✽ where are the florists work

✽ the path from florist to decorator

 video Full HD 

What tools you will need.

✽ review of all instruments

✽ specialized accessories

✽ where to buy and how to choose

✽ what is needed in the first place

✽ ergonomics of the work space

 video Full HD 

Seasonality of plants.

How to choose and store flowers.

✽ interaction with flower databases

✽ features of the seasonality of plants

✽ how to determine the freshness of a flower

✽ flowers handling

✽ transportation and storage rules

 Unit 2: Working with color 

Color. Color wheel. Color characteristics.

✽ what is important to know about color

✽ color characteristics

Color harmonies and contrasts.

✽ how easy it is to combine colors (rules)

✽ how to work with color in automated mode

✽ how to make harmonious color bouquets and choose the right flowers

Bonus lesson: All about painting fresh flowers and leaves.

Bonus lesson: How we choose colors and color combinations.

Bonus lesson: Color trends in Floristics.

 Unit 3: A harmonious composition 


✽ rules of the Golden section

✽ harmonious combination

✽ where and how to use it?


Ways to distribute colors.

✽ rules for grouping material

✽ grouping methods

Styles of floral compositions.

And why you need to know it.

✽ styles of floral compositions

✽ interior and style of Floristics

✽ where and which compositions is better to use


 Unit 4: Complimentary bouquet 

 video Full HD 

The formula for the perfect bouquet.

Scheme of selection of plants in a bouquet.

✽ how to "make the most" of any budget

✽ what is required in every bouquet

✽ composition of the bouquet according to the formula

✽ which plants should be used in inexpensive/small bouquets, and which ones in large ones

✽ how we create our bouquets

 video Full HD 

Preparation of plants.

This will save 50% of your time.

✽ how to prepare greens correctly to make the bouquet more lush and airy

✽ preparing flowers

✽ time-consuming aspects

 video Full HD 

Spiraling technique to arrange flowers for bouquet.

✽ spiraling technique – teach you from scratch

✽ from simple to complex-spiraling technique on a round bouquet

✽ mastering the spiraling technique on a free-form bouquet

 video Full HD 

The creation of a modern bouquet.

✽ creation of a free-form bouquet with an extensive overview

✽ how to use the knowledge from previous units

✽ what is relevant today and what is not

✽ requirements for a modern bouquet

✽ basic visual techniques

✽ where what flowers to put

✽ distribution and groupings

 video Full HD 

Bonus lesson: Detailed road map for our complimentary bouquets.


 video Full HD 

Bonus lesson: How to take photos of your work correctly.

 Unit 5: Composition on the floral-foam 

 video Full HD 

Rules for working with a floral-foam (Oasis).

✽ everything you need to know about working with floral-foam

 video Full HD 

Composition as a gift.

✽ how we collect gift compositions

✽ how to use the knowledge from previous units

✽ how to make spectacular compositions using a minimum of material

✽ basic visual techniques

✽ how to place flowers

✽ material distribution and grouping

 video Full HD 

Interior composition.

✽ creating a composition for the interior

 video Full HD 

Bonus lesson: Detailed road map for our compositions.

 video Full HD 

Bonus lesson: How to become a skilled hand at all techniques without buying and wasting flowers.

 video Full HD 

Bonus: : How to gradually increase the average purchase size.

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Are you sure I can do this?

After each lesson in unit, you get your homework. If you complete the work, you send it to us for verification.

If the homework is accepted, you will get a review of your work and you will have access to the next lesson.

If we did not accept the work - analysis of errors, what to fix, what to pay attention to-redo the HW and go to the next lesson.


The course duration is from 2 weeks. Access to the course and all materials of the educational platform - 5 months from the start of your stream.


The result of such work – you are guaranteed to master all the material and be able to put into practice – which is the most important thing for us in the learning process.

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Several works of our students made within the course.

Forms of education and

interaction with us.



Control and guide study

+ Access to the educational platform for 5 months


+ Access to online lessons – 5 units (36 lessons)


+ Access to additional content


+ Homework after each lesson


+ Checking homework


+ Participation in seminars


+ Access to a closed community 


+ Control of the learning process


+ Certificate of completion of the course

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