Расписание ближайших мастер-классов


Wedding decor and style workshop
Western Trends in Asia

Our workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Together with students we are going to create modern and trendy wedding ceremony and reception table decoration.

We will reveal all nitty-gritty insights and techniques of working with real flowers. We will teach you how to create stylish western decoration taking in account the specific of tropical climate.


First day. Business 


















Умеренный желтовато-зеленый



Охотничий зеленый



Темный желтовато-зеленый


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Floristry is a lifelong journey of continuous learning, experimenting and educating. Yesterday, our florists had the pleasure and opportunity to learn and work with the talented and remarkable florists @gali.petrova and @art_petrov from @floral_style as well as our fellow talented florists on a floral installation with the theme ‘Western Trends in Asia’. It was a wonderful learning experience and a pleasure to work with our fellow florists to complete this project!


When East meets West. The western and Asia culture has a long heritage, both beautiful in colors and rich in history. It’s interesting to see when these two cultures come together, will they clash or create a wonderful masterpiece?



With guidance from the florists from @floral_style, we worked on a floral installation with the theme ‘Western Trends in Asia’. Using flowers that are rich in colors, complemented by Asian elements such as Chinese ceramics and adorned by western culinary accessories, the final outcome was truly a breath-taking masterpiece! We feel inspired from this experience and look forward to creating more beautiful floral art work and installations in the future!